About (longyarn)

This highly anticipated new work, LongYarn, listed in Time Out NY’s “20 Best Theatre Shows in NYC in 2016”, is an outrageous shaggy-dog folktale of the adventurous and long-lived “Mother”, a character based on strong, peculiar and compelling women from history. The outlandish poetic adventures of her youth include tales of riverboat piracy, a stint as a professional wrestler, lost days as a crack addict and being raised by a family of cows, spun through a tenor of joyful hopelessness.

Long term collaborators Jason Craig (Glickman Award, Best Original Script), Dave Malloy (Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Ghost Quartet) Jessica Jelliffe, and Peter Blomquist team up with new collaborators Elena Heyman (Orbiting Human Circus/The Music Tapes), Mary Eleanor Stebbins and Andreea Mincic (Sontag:Reborn, Three Pianos) to continue their experiments in visceral storytelling through original text, music and design.