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!!Boozy Doozy Fundraiser!!

We need your help! Jason and Jessica are in a show together! Big deal, right? Except their kid Charlie made them move 2 hours north of NYC, to Beacon. Childcare + Housing = CRUCIAL. Gargantuan tasks that we’ll party-tackle at our BOOZY-DOOZY Fundraiser! Saturday, January 16th After the show – 9:30pm – 12:00am The Bushwick more info…

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Reading at Dogwood

This is the first public outing for BHouse, the brainchild of BB&B’s Jessica Jelliffe and Jason Craig. In 2016, BHouse will invite six Brooklyn-based artists to their Beacon residence, where they will create new work to perform as part of the Scratch Series, three nights of experimental theatre at the Howland Cultural Center.

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!!World Premiere!!

After years of spinning and knitting, we’re finally ready to put it on. !!!EXTENDED THROUGH FEBRUARY 6!!! January 13 – January 30 @ The Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn NY Wed – Sat @ 8pm CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS And, this show WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE without your incredible generosity. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION more info…

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Forest Fringe New York Microfestival

We’ll be performing a work-in-progress excerpt from this new work.

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