This whole company thing started off with a publicity photograph
and an application for the 1999 San Francisco Fringe Festival.
While filling out the form we realized that we needed a company name.

In the photo was
a banana
in a bag
and between us
hung a bodice.

It seemed so obvious.

After the success of that first show
(The Bastard Chronicles,
a collection of odd characters flung
against a wall), we decided
to continue under this
alliteratively ridiculous name
(or is it ridiculously alliterative?).

In 2000 we moved to NYC to live, returning to the bay area
each summer to perform in the Fringe. This annual pilgrimage
became our theatre education and taught us how to “entertain!”.
In 2003 we performed in NYC for the first time in the New York
Fringe Festival, but our real introduction to the New York
scene happened in 2005 when we performed Panel.Animal
at Brooklyn’s Collapsable Giraffe…since then we have graduated
to the status of a New York based theater company but we still keep
close ties to the west coast.

We have toured to Europe and Canada and Australia and we like that life.
Throughout the years we have worked with many artists who have shaped the company.
We plan to continue to tour the world.