About (hubris)

We made a new show.
Is it a show?
We don’t know.
Come see it and tell us.
We will hug you so hard.

BANANA BAG & BODICE was a New York-based, undulating collaborative collective of artists/technicians that made live-event-theater-film-play-show-things. Their elastic approach to creating performance mashed together original writing, music composition and collective design in order to expose and celebrate the inspiring awkwardness of being a human. They made unique shows that varied in style and scope – from large-scale spectacles to intimate portraits. Their design was inspired by the objects and materials thrown into the theatrical dumpsters of midtown Manhattan.

This is what they used to say about themselves on their website or in programs or when they tried to write grants. They are now down to just 2, Jessica Jelliffe and Jason Craig. They have an eleven year old child and live in the Hudson Valley where they raise chickens and carpent.
Hubris Always Gets You In The End is a reflection on their past work, through the questions and arrangements of Feff Zezza, a fellow Hudson Valley resident and self-made expert on their work. His wife Katrina is a visual artist who is adding things. Jessica and Jason will be there reflecting too.